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New Views of Thermonuclear Bursts

Tod Strohmayer, Lars Bildsten




Modelling the spin equilibrium of neutron stars in LMXBs without gravitational radiation

N. Andersson, K. Glampedakis, B. Haskell, A.L.Watts

Title: Consistency between deep crustal heating of strange stars in superbursters and soft X-ray transients
Authors: Morten Stejner & J. Madsen (University of Aarhus)

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Authors: Duncan K. Galloway, Michael P. Muno, Jacob M. Hartman, Dimitrios Psaltis, Deepto Chakrabarty

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Authors: S. Gupta, E. Brown, H. Schatz, P. Möller, and KL. Kratz

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Authors: Laurence Boirin, L. Keek, M. Mendez, A. Cumming, J.J.M. In 't Zand, J. Cottam, F. Paerels, W.H.G. Lewin

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Authors: J.L. Fisker, W. Tan, J. Goerres, M. Wiescher, R. L. Cooper

Title: Testing General Metric Theories of Gravity with Bursting Neutron Stars
Authors: Dimitrios Psaltis

Title: Carbon Detonation and Shock-Triggered Helium Burning in Neutron Star Superbursts
Authors: Nevin N. Weinberg and Lars Bildsten

Title: A catalogue of low-mass X-ray binaries in the Galaxy, LMC, and SMC (4th edition)

Authors: Q.Z. Liu, J. van Paradijs, E.P.J. van den Heuvel

Title: Hard X-ray colours of Neutron Star and Black Hole Low Mass X-ray Binaries with INTEGRAL

Authors: Simon E. Shaw, Ada Paizis, Nami Mowlavi, Stephane Paltani, Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier, Arvind Parmar

Constraining the neutron star equation of state using XMM-Newton

Authors: P.G. Jonker, J. Kaastra, M. Mendez, J.J.M. In 't Zand

Title: Accreting neutron star spins and the equation of state
Author: Duncan Galloway

Title: Millihertz Oscillation Frequency Drift Predicts the Occurrence of Type I X-ray Bursts
Authors: D. Altamirano, M. van der Klis, R. Wijnandsm, A. Cumming


Title: First superburst from a classical low-mass X-ray binary transient
Authors: L.Keek, J. J. M. in 't Zand, E. Kuulkers, A. Cumming, E. F. Brown, M. Suzuki

Title: Discovery of the Spin Frequency of 4U 0614+09 with SWIFT/BAT
Authors: Tod Strohmayer, Craig Markwardt and Erik Kuulkers

Title: Models of Type I X-ray Bursts from GS 1826-24: A Probe of rp-Process Hydrogen Burning
Authors: Alexander Heger, Andrew Cumming, Duncan K. Galloway, and Stanford E. Woosley

Title: Optical and X-ray variability of two Small Magellanic Cloud X-ray binary pulsars - SXP46.6 and SXP6.85
Authors: K.E. McGowan et al.

Title: Biases for neutron-star mass, radius and distance measurements from Eddington-limited X-ray bursts
Authors: Duncan Galloway, Feryal Ozel and Dimitrios Psaltis

Title: Super-Massive Neutron Stars
Author: P.C.C. Freire
Statistical calculation of NS mass

Title: Swift Follow-up Observations of INTEGRAL Sources of Unknown Nature
Authors: Jérôme Rodriguez, J. A. Tomsick, S. Chaty
On the use of Swift data

Title: Hard X-ray emission from Eta Carinae
Authors: Jean-Christophe Leyder, Roland Walter, and Gregor Rauw
Based on INTEGRAL observations

Title: INTEGRAL discovery of non-thermal hard X-ray emission from the Ophiuchus cluster
Authors: D. Eckert, N. Produit, S. Paltani, A. Neronov, T. J.-L. Courvoisier
Based on JEM-X mosaics

Title: X-ray source populations in the Magellanic Clouds
Authors: F. Haberl, W. Pietsch

Title: BAT X-ray Survey - I: Methodology and X-ray Identification
Authors: M. Ajello, J. Greiner, G. Kanbach, A. Rau, A. W. Strong, and J. A. Kennea
Image reconstruction algorithm

Title: Activity from Magnetar Candidate 4U 0142+61: Bursts and Emission Lines
Authors: F. P. Gavriil, R. Dib, and V. M. Kaspi
Magnetic X-ray bursts


Title: An extremely luminous X-ray outburst at the birth of a supernova

Authors: A. M. Soderberg, et al.


Title: A new Comptonization model for low-magnetized accreting neutron stars in low mass X-ray binaries
Authors: R. Farinelli, L. Titarchuk, A. Paizis, F. Frontera

Title: The Effects of Variations in Nuclear Processes on Type I X-Ray Burst Nucleosynthesis
Authors: Anuj Parikh, Jordi Jose, Fermin Moreno, and Christian Iliadis

Title: CMB map derived from the WMAP data through Harmonic Internal Linear Combination
Authors:  Jaiseung Kim, Pavel Naselsky, Per Rex Christensen

Title: Damping of Type I X-ray Burst Oscillations by Convection
Author: Randall L. Cooper

Title:Detecting gravitational wave emission from the known accreting neutron stars
Authors: Anna Watts, Badri Krishnan, Lars Bildsten, and Bernard Schutz

Title: Detailed high-energy characteristics of AXP 4U 0142+61 - Multi-year observations with INTEGRAL, RXTE, XMM-Newton and ASCA
Authors: P.R. den Hartog, L. Kuiper, W. Hermsen, V.M. Kaspi, R. Dib, J. Knoedlseder, and F.P. Gavriil

Title: Detailed high-energy characteristics of AXP 1RXS J170849-400910 - Probing the magnetosphere using INTEGRAL, RXTE and XMM-Newton
Authors: P.R. den Hartog, L. Kuiper, and W. Hermsen

Title: Thermal conductivity of the crust of accreting neutron stars
Authors: C. J. Horowitz, O. L. Caballero, and D. K. Berry

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Authors: J. Malzac, P. Lubinski, A. A. Zdziarski, M. Cadolle Bel, M. Turler, P. Laurent

Title: Coherence of burst oscillations and accretion-powered pulsations in the accreting millisecond pulsar XTE J1814-338
Authors: Anna L. Watts, Alessandro Patruno and Michiel van der Klis

Title: Cooling of the crust in the neutron star low-mass X-ray binary MXB 1659-29
Authors: Edward M. Cackett, Rudy Wijnands, Jon M. Miller, Edward F. Brown, Nathalie Degenaar

Title: Probes and Tests of Strong-Field Gravity with Observations in the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Author: Dimitrios Psaltis

Title: Peering through the stellar wind of IGR J19140+0951 with simultaneous INTEGRAL/RXTE observations
Authors: L. Prat, J. Rodriguez, D. C. Hannikainen, S. E. Shaw


Title: The Sensitivity of Nucleosynthesis in Type I X-ray Bursts to Thermonuclear Reaction-Rate Variations
Authors: Anuj Parikh, Jordi Jose, Fermin Moreno, Christian Iliadis

Title: Multi-wavelength observations of jets at high and low X-ray luminosities
Author: Elena Gallo

Title: Faint Galactic X-ray Binaries
Authors: P.G. Jonker, M.A.P. Torres, D. Steeghs

Title: The behavior of sub-luminous X-ray transients near the Galactic Center as observed using the X-ray telescope aboard Swift
Authors: N. Degenaar, R. Wijnands


Title: The AGILE Mission
Authors: M. Tavani, et al.

Title: ISINA: INTEGRAL Source Identification Network Algorithm
Authors: S. Scaringi, A.J. Bird, D.J. Clark, A.J. Dean, A.B. Hill, V.A. McBride, S.E. Shaw

Title: Lighthouses with two lights: burst oscillations from the accretion-powered millisecond pulsars
Author: Anna L. Watts

Title: The Swift capture of a long X-ray burst from XTE J1701-407
Authors: Manuel Linares, Anna Watts, Rudy Wijnands, Paolo Soleri, Nathalie Degenaar, Peter A. Curran,  Rhaana L. C. Starling, Michiel van der Klis

Title: Angular momentum transport during X-ray bursts on neutron stars: a numerical general relativistic hydrodynamical study
Authors: A.Hujeirat and F.-K. Thielemann

Title: Absorption features in the spectra of X-ray bursting neutron stars
Authors: Thomas Rauch, Valery Suleimanov, Klaus Werner

Title: A search for iron emission lines in the Chandra X-ray spectra of neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries

Authors: E. M. Cackett, J. M. Miller, J. Homan, M. van der Klis, W. H. G. Lewin, M. Mendez, J. Raymond, D. Steeghs, R. Wijnands

Title: Restless quiescence: thermonuclear flashes between transient X-ray outbursts
Authors: E. Kuulker, J. J. M. in 't Zand, J. P. Lasota

Title: Accreting White Dwarfs
Authors: M. Hernanz, J. Jose

Title: The Swift capture of a long X-ray burst from XTE J1701-407
Authors: Manuel Linares, Anna L. Watts, Rudy Wijnands, Paolo Soleri, Nathalie Degenaar, Peter A. Curran, Rhaana L. C. Starling and Michiel van der Klis

Title: Short term aperiodic variability of X-ray binaries: its origin and implications
Author: M.Revnivtsev

Title: Origin of intermittent accretion-powered oscillations in neutron stars with millisecond spin periods
Authors: Frederick K. Lamb, Stratos Boutloukos, Sandor Van Wassenhove, Robert T. Chamberlain, Ka Ho Lo, M. Coleman Miller

Title: Column Densities Towards Three Bursting Low-Mass X-ray Binaries from High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy
Authors: Patricia Wroblewski, Tolga Guver, and Feryal Ozel

Title: Further Constraints on Thermal Quiescent X-ray Emission from SAX J1808.4-3658
Authors: C.O. Heinke, P.G. Jonker, R. Wijnands, C.J. Deloye, R.E. Taam
See also: http://arxiv.org/abs/0810.0489

Title: The Mass and Radius of the Neutron Star in EXO 1745-248
Authors: Feryal Ozel, Tolga Guver, Dimitrios Psaltis

Title: The INTEGRAL long monitoring of persistent Ultra Compact X-ray Bursters
Authors: M. Fiocchi, A. Bazzano, P. Ubertini, A. J. Bird, L. Natalucci, V. Sguera

Title: The magnetohydrodynamics model of twin kilohertz QPOs in LMXBs
Authors: Changsheng Shi and Xiang-Dong Li


Music and Astronomy

Authors: J. A. Caballero, S. Gonzalez Sanchez, I. Caballero


Title: Cost Optimized Interstellar Beacons: SETI
Authors: Gregory Benford, James Benford, Dominic Benford
Is that SF?

Title: Breaking the AMSP mould: the increasingly strange case of HETE J1900.1-2455
Authors: Duncan K. Galloway, Edward H. Morgan, Deepto Chakrabarty


Title: Exploring the spreading layer of GX 9+9 using RXTE and INTEGRAL
Authors: P. Savolainen, D. C. Hannikainen, O. Vilhu, A. Paizis, J. Nevalainen and P. Hakala

Title: The Impact of Uncertainties in Reaction Q-values on Nucleosynthesis in Type I X-Ray Bursts
Authors: A. Parikh, J. Jose, C. Iliadis, F. Moreno and T. Rauscher

Title: Hunting for Magnetars in High Mass X-ray Binaries. The Case of SuperGiant Fast X-Ray Transients
Authors: E. Bozzo, M. Falanga, L. Stella

Title: GRBs as Probes of Massive Stars Near and Far
Authors: J. Fynbo, D. Malesani (Dark Cosmology Centre)

Title: The Distance, Mass, and Radius of the Neutron Star in 4U 1608-52
Authors: Tolga Guver, Feryal Ozel, Antonio Cabrera-Lavers and Patricia Wroblewski

Title: On burning regimes and long duration X-ray bursts
Authors: L. Keek, J.J.M. in 't Zand
INTEGRAL proceedings

Title: Search for Redshifted 2.2 MeV Neutron Capture Line From A0535+262 in Outburst
Authors: Sirin Caliskan, Emrah Kalemci, Matthew G. Baring, Steven E. Boggs, Peter Kretschmar

Title: The updated spectral catalogue of INTEGRAL Gamma-Ray Bursts
Authors: G. Vianello, D. Götz, S. Mereghetti



Title: Methods and results of an automatic analysis of a complete sample of Swift-XRT observations of GRBs

Authors: P.A. Evans et al.

Title: The early phase of a H1743-322 outburst observed by INTEGRAL, RXTE, Swift, and XMM/Newton
Authors: L. Prat, J. Rodriguez, M. Cadolle Bel, E. Kuulkers, M. Hanke, J. Tomsick, S. Corbel, M. Coriat, J. Wilms, and A. Goldwurm

Title: The Hydrodynamic Environment for the s Process in the He-Shell Flash of AGB Stars
Authors: Paul R. Woodward, David H. Porter, Falk Herwig, Marco Pignatari, Jagan Jayaraj, Pei-Hung Lin

Title: Mapping crustal heating with the cooling lightcurves of quasi-persistent transients
Authors: Edward F. Brown and Andrew Cumming

Title: Nuclear Physics of Neutron Stars
Author: J. Piekarewicz

Title: Long tails on thermonuclear X-ray bursts from neutron stars: a signature of inward heating?
Authors: J.J.M. in 't Zand, L. Keek, A. Cumming, A. Heger, J. Homan, and M. Mendez

Title: The astrophysics of ultra-compact binaries

Authors: G. Nelemans, M. Wood, P. Groot, S. Anderson, K. Belczynski, M. Benacquista, P. Charles, A. Cumming, C. Deloye, P. Jonker, V. Kalogera, C. Knigge, T. Marsh, P. Motl, R. Napiwotzki, K. O'Brien, E.S. Phinney, G. Ramsay, T. Shahbaz, J.-E. Solheim, D. Steeghs, M. van der Sluys, F. Verbunt, B. Warner, K. Werner, K. Wu, L. R. Yungelson




Title: X-ray Timing of Neutron Stars, Astrophysical Probes of Extreme Physics

Z. Arzoumanian, S. Bogdanov, J. Cordes, K. Gendreau, D. Lai, J. Lattimer, B. Link, A. Lommen, C. Miller, P. Ray, R. Rutledge, T. Strohmayer, C. Wilson-Hodge, K. Wood

Title: Nuclear Resonances: The quest for large column densities and a new tool
Authors: J. Greiner, S.E. Boggs, G. DiCocco, K.T. Freese, N. Gehrels, D.H. Hartmann, A. Iyudin, G. Kanbach, A.A. Zdziarski

Title: Extreme Astrophysics with Neutron Stars
Authors:  Dong Lai, M. van Kerkwijk, J. Arons, A. Beloborodov, E. Brown, J. Cordes, A. Harding, V. Kaspi, S. Kulkarni, D. Lorimer, M. Mclaughlin, R. Romani, A. Spitkovsky, T. Strohmayer


Title: Optical spectroscopy and Doppler tomography of Cygnus X-2
Authors: P. Elebert, P. J. Callanan, M. A. P. Torres, M. R. Garcia


Title: Unstable Helium Shell Burning on Accreting White Dwarfs
Authors: Ken J. Shen, Lars Bildsten


Title: Population synthesis of double neutron stars

Authors: S. Oslowski, T. Bulik, D. Gondek-Rosinska, K. Belczynski


Title: Possible Resonances in the 12C + 12C Fusion Rate and Superburst Ignition
Authors: Randall L. Cooper, Andrew W. Steiner, Edward F. Brown

Title: 30S RI Beam Production and X-ray Bursts
Authors: David Kahl et al.


Title: Type I X-ray Bursts from the Neutron-star Transient XTE J1701-462
Authors: Dacheng Lin, Diego Altamirano, J. Homan, R. Remillard, R. Wijnands, T. Belloni

Title: Discovery of burst oscillations in the intermittent accretion-powered millisecond pulsar HETE J1900.1-2455
Authors: Anna L. Watts, Diego Altamirano, Manuel Linares, Alessandro Patruno, Piergiorgio Casella, Yuri Cavecchi, Nathalie Degenaar, Nanda Rea, Paolo Soleri, Michiel van der Klis, Rudy Wijnands

Title: Electron-ion scattering in dense multi-component plasmas: application to the outer crust of an accreting neutron star
Authors: J. Daligault, S. Gupta

Title: Linking burst-only X-ray binary sources to faint X-ray transients
Authors: S. Campana

Title: Neutral absorber dips in the periodic burster LMXB XB 1323-619 from Suzaku
Authors: M. Balucinska-Church, T. Dotani, T. Hirotsu, M.J. Church



Title: The 2006-2007 Active Phase of Anomalous X-ray Pulsar 4U 0142+61: Radiative and Timing Changes, Bursts, and Burst Spectral Features

Authors: Fotis P. Gavriil, Rim Dib, Victoria M. Kaspi

Title: Reconstructing the Neutron-Star Equation of State from Astrophysical Measurements
Authors: Feryal Ozel, Dimitrios Psaltis

Title: Monitoring campaign of 1RXS J171824.2-402934, the low-mass X-ray binary with the lowest mass accretion rate
Authors: J.J.M. in 't Zand, P.G. Jonker, C.G. Bassa, C.B. Markwardt, A.M. Levine

Title: The effect of rotation on the stability of nuclear burning in accreting neutron stars
Authors: L. Keek, N. Langer, J.J.M. in 't Zand

Title: A very rare triple-peaked type-I X-ray burst in the low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1636-53
Authors: Guobao Zhang, Mariano Mendez, Diego Altamirano, Tomaso M.Belloni, Jeroen Homan

Title: Bursting behavior of the Galactic Center faint X-ray transient GRS 1741.9-2853
Authors: G. Trap, M. Falanga, A. Goldwurm, E. Bozzo, R. Terrier, P. Ferrando, D. Porquet, N. Grosso, M. Sakano

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Authors: Ken J. Shen, Irit Idan, and Lars Bildsten

Title: Polarization properties of X-ray millisecond pulsars
Author: Juri Poutanen

Title: Outbursts from IGR J17473-2721
Authors: Shu Zhang, Yu-peng Chen, Jian-Min Wang, Diego F. Torres, Ti-Pei Li

Title: MHD Shallow Water Waves: Linear Analysis
Authors: Kevin Heng, Anatoly Spitkovsky

Title: Relativistic Lines and Reflection from the Inner Accretion Disks Around Neutron Stars
Authors: E. M. Cackett, J. M. Miller, D. R. Ballantyne, D. Barret, S. Bhattacharyya, M. Boutelier, M. C. Miller, T. E. Strohmayer, R. Wijnands

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Authors: V. Tudose, R.P. Fender, M. Linares, D. Maitra, M. van der Klis

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Title: Systematic variation in the apparent burning area of thermonuclear bursts and its implication for neutron star radius measurement
Authors: Sudip Bhattacharyya, M. Coleman Miller, and Duncan K. Galloway


Title: States and transitions in black-hole binaries
Author: T.M. Belloni

Title: What burns unstably on the neutron star of 4U 0614+091?
Authors: E. Kuulkers, J.J.M. in 't Zand, J.-L. Atteia, A.M. Levine, S. Brandt, D.A. Smith, M. Linares,
M. Falanga, C. Sanchez-Fernandez, C.B. Markwardt, T.E. Strohmayer, A. Cumming, M. Suzuki

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Authors: Duncan K. Galloway, Jinrong Lin, Deepto Chakrabarty, Jacob M. Hartman

Title: Wide band observations of the X-ray burster GS 1826-238
Authors: M. Cocchi, R. Farinelli, A. Paizis, and L. Titarchuk

Title: Discovery of a Second Transient Low-Mass X-ray Binary in the Globular Cluster NGC 6440
Authors: C. O. Heinke, D. Altamirano, H. N. Cohn, P. M. Lugger, S. A. Budac, M. Servillat, M. Linares, T. E. Strohmayer, C. B. Markwardt, R. Wijnands, J. H. Swank, C. Knigge, C. Bailyn, J. E. Grindlay

Title: A Neutron Star with a Carbon Atmosphere in the Cassiopeia A Supernova Remnant
Authors: Wynn C.G. Ho, Craig O. Heinke
Published in Nature

Title: Very long-term X-ray variations in LMXBs: solar cycle-like variations in the donor?
Authors: Kotze M.M. & Charles P.A.


Title: Swift monitoring of the new accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar IGRJ17511-3057 in outburst
Authors: E. Bozzo, C. Ferrigno, M. Falanga, S. Campana, J.A. Kennea and A. Papitto

Title: INTEGRAL - a status report
Author: Christoph Winkler

Title: Spectral evolution of bright NS LMXBs with INTEGRAL: an application of the thermal plus bulk Comptonization model
Authors: L. I. Mainardi, A. Paizis, R. Farinelli, E. Kuulkers, J. Rodriguez, D. Hannikainen, P. Savolainen, S. Piraino, A. Bazzano, A. Santangelo

Title: The Magellanic Bridge: evidence for a population of X-ray binaries
Authors: V.A. McBride, A.J. Bird, M.J. Coe, L.J. Townsend, R.H.D. Corbet and F.Haberl


Title: Evidence of heavy-element ashes in thermonuclear X-ray bursts with photospheric superexpansion
Authors: J.J.M. in 't Zand and N.N. Weinberg

Title: Measurement of neutron star parameters: a review of methods for low-mass X-ray binaries
Author: Sudip Bhattacharyya

On the nature of the Cygnus X-2 like Z-track sources
Authors: M. Balucinska-Church, A. Gibiec, N. K. Jackson, and M. J. Church

Title: Multi-wavelength observations of 1RXH J173523.7-354013: revealing an unusual bursting neutron star
Authors: N. Degenaar, P.G. Jonker, M.A.P. Torres, R. Kaur, N. Rea, G.L. Israel, A. Patruno, G. Trap, E.M. Cackett, P. D'Avanzo, G. Lo Curto, G. Novara, H. Krimm, S.T. Holland, A. De Luca, P. Esposito, R. Wijnands


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Authors: A. Paizis, R. Farinelli, L.I. Mainardi, and L. Titarchuk

Title: Unveiling the hard X-ray spectrum from the "burst-only" source SAX J1753.5-2349 in outburst
Authors: Melania Del Santo, Lara Sidoli, Patrizia Romano, Angela Bazzano, Rudy Wijnands, Nathalie Degenaar, Sandro Mereghetti

Title: Type-I bursts within outbursts of IGR J17473-2721
Authors: Y.-P. Chen, S. Zhang, D. Torres, et al.

Title: Astrophysical Measurement of the Equation of State of Neutron Star Matter
Authors: Feryal Ozel, Gordon Baym, Tolga Guver

Title: The Mass and Radius of the Neutron Star in 4U 1820-30
Authors: Tolga Guver, Patricia Wroblewski, Larry Camarota, Feryal Ozel

Title: X-ray views of neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries
Author: Sudip Bhattacharyya


Title: Rapid Cooling of the Neutron Star in the Quiescent Super-Eddington Transient XTE J1701-462
Authors: Joel K. Fridriksson, Jeroen Homan, Rudy Wijnands, Mariano Mendez, Diego Altamirano, Edward M. Cackett, Edward F. Brown, Tomaso M. Belloni, Nathalie Degenaar, Walter H. G. Lewin

Title: Using observations of millisecond pulsars to measure mass and radius of neutron stars and implications for equation of state of matter at high density
Author: Denis Leahy


Title: Super-Eddington fluxes during thermonuclear X-ray bursts
Authors: Stratos Boutloukos, M. Coleman Miller, Frederick K. Lamb

Title: Long-term multi-wavelength studies of GRS 1915+105 I. A high-energy and mid-infrared focus with RXTE, INTEGRAL, and Spitzer
Authors: F. Rahoui, S. Chaty, J. Rodriguez, Y. Fuchs, I. F. Mirabel, and G. G. Pooley

Title: Results of INTEGRAL TOO observation of the transient X-ray burster XTE J1810-189
Authors: I. Chelovekov and S. Grebenev

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Authors: Valery Suleimanov, Juri Poutanen, Mikhail Revnivtsev, Klaus Werner

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Authors: I. Telezhinsky, D. Eckert, V. Savchenko, A. Neronov, N. Produit,  T.J.-L. Courvoisier

Title: The Equation of State from Observed Masses and Radii of Neutron Stars
Authors: Andrew W. Steiner, James M. Lattimer, Edward F. Brown

Title: Grand Unification in Neutron Stars
Author: Victoria M. Kaspi

Title: Dynamical Ne K Edge and Line Variations in the X-Ray Spectrum of the Ultra-compact Binary 4U 0614+091
Authors: Norbert S. Schulz, Michael P. Nowak, Deepto Chakrabarty, Claude R  Canizares

Title: The Extreme Sky  -  Seven Years of INTEGRAL
Author: Roland Diehl


Title: Evolution of the radio - X-ray coupling throughout an entire outburst of Aquila X-1
Authors: J. C. A. Miller-Jones, G. R. Sivakoff, D. Altamirano, V. Tudose, S. Migliari, V. Dhawan, R. P. Fender, M. A. Garrett, S. Heinz, et al.

Title: XTE J1701-462 and its Implications for the Nature of Subclasses in Low-Magnetic-Field Neutron Star Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries
Authors: Jeroen Homan, Michiel van der Klis, Joel K. Fridriksson, Ronald A. Remillard, Rudy Wijnands, Mariano Mendez, Dacheng Lin, Diego Altamirano, Piergiorgio Casella, Tomaso Belloni, Walter H. G. Lewin

Title: The kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations during the Z and atoll phases of the unique transient XTE J1701-462
Authors: A. Sanna, M. Mendez, D. Altamirano, J. Homan, P. Casella, T. Belloni, D. Lin, M. van der Klis, R. Wijnands

Title: Multi-Instrument X-ray Observations of Thermonuclear Bursts with Short Recurrence Times
Authors: L. Keek, D. K. Galloway, J. J. M. in 't Zand, A. Heger

Title: Discovery of Eclipses from the Accreting Millisecond X-ray Pulsar SWIFT J1749.4-2807
Authors: C. B. Markwardt, T. E. Strohmayer

Title: Timing of the first eclipsing accretion-powered millisecond X-ray pulsar  (SWIFT J1749.4-2807)
Authors: D. Altamirano, Y. Cavecchi, A. Patruno, A. Watts, M. Linares, N. Degenaar, M. Kalamkar, M. van der Klis, N. Rea, P. Casella,
M. Armas Padilla, R. Kaur, Y.J. Yang, P. Soleri and R. Wijnands


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Crab variations!

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N. Degenaar, J. Homan and D. Pooley




Title: A next generation Ultra-Fast Flash Observatory (UFFO-100) 
for IR/optical observations of the rise phase of gamma-ray bursts
Authors: B. Grossan, I. H. Park, S. Ahmad, K. B. Ahn, P. Barrillon, 
S. Brandt, C. Budtz-Jørgensen, A. J. Castro-Tirado, et al.





Title: X-ray and Near Infrared observations of the obscured accreting pulsar IGR J18179-1621

Authors: M. A. Nowak, A. Paizis, J. Rodriguez, S. Chaty, M. Del Santo, V. Grinberg, J. Wilms, P. Ubertini, R. Chini




Title: Stellar Mass Black Holes and Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources

Authors: Rob Fender and Tomaso Belloni




Title: Spectral and timing properties of the accreting X-ray millisecond pulsar IGR J17498-2921

Authors: M. Falanga, L. Kuiper, J. Poutanen, D. K. Galloway, E. Bozzo, A. Goldwurm, W. Hermsen, L. Stella




Title: X-ray bursting neutron star atmosphere models using an exact relativistic kinetic equation for Compton scattering

Authors: V. Suleimanov (1,2), J. Poutanen (3), K. Werner




Title: Two new bursting neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries: Swift J185003.2-005627 and Swift J1922.7-1716

Authors: N. Degenaar, M. Linares, D. Altamirano, and R. Wijnands




Title: Gravitational Waves: Sources, Detectors and Searches

Author: Keith Riles




Title: Gamma Ray Bursts and their links with Supernovae and Cosmology

Authors: Peter Mészáros and Neil Gehrels




Title: LOFT

Authors: M. Feroci et al.




Title: The LOFT Wide Field Monitor

Authors: S. Brandt, M. Hernanz, L., et al.




Title: Nuclear Dominated Accretion Flows in Two Dimensions.

                    I. Torus Evolution with Parametric Microphysics

Authors: Rodrigo Fernàndez, Brian D. Metzger




Title: High-energy observations of black hole binaries with the INTEGRAL satellite

Author: Melania Del Santo




Title: Fractional amplitude of kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillation from 4U 1728-34: evidence of decline at higher energies

Authors: Arunava Mukherjee and Sudip Bhattacharyya




Title: The Fermi-GBM X-ray burst monitor: thermonuclear bursts from 4U 0614+09

Authors: M. Linares, V. Connaughton, P. Jenke, A. J. van der Horst, A. Camero-Arranz,

C. Kouveliotou, D. Chakrabarty, E. Beklen, P. N. Bhat, M. S. Briggs, M. Finger,

W. Paciesas, R. Preece, A. von Kienlin, C. A. Wilson-Hodge




Title: Surface Emission from Neutron Stars and Implications for the Physics of their Interiors
Author: Feryal Ozel 




Title: Simplified Picture of Low Mass X-ray Binaries based on Data from Aql X-1 and 4U1608-52
Authors: Masaru Matsuoka and Kazumi Asai




Title: On the connection between accreting X-ray and radio millisecond pulsars
Author: T. M. Tauri




Title: Superexpansion as a possible probe of accretion in 4U 1820-30
Authors: J. J. M. in 't Zand, J. Homan, L. Keek and D. M. Palmer




Title: Ultra-compact X-ray binaries with high luminosity: a key for a new scenario
Authors: Konstantin Pavlovskii and Natalia Ivanova




Title: Low-energy collective excitations in the neutron star inner crust
Authors: N. Chamel, D. Page, S. Reddy




Title: Model independent means of catagorizing X-ray binaries. I: Colour-Colour-Intensity Diagrams
Authors: Saeqa Dil Vrtilek, Bram Seth Boroson




Title: Late-time evolution of ultracompact X-ray binaries
Authors: L. M. van Haaften, G. Nelemans, R. Voss
Title: A peculiar thermonuclear X-ray burst from the transiently accreting neutron star SAX J1810.8-2609
Authors: N. Degenaar and R. Wijnands